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Getting started with deviationTx

First you need a TX

…if you don't have one already. The currently supported models include the 6, 6S, 7E, 8, 8S, 10, 12, 12S, 12E, F4, F7 and F12E, and you can read some opinions here: Which Devo TX should I buy?

Before you install deviation

First ensure your TX is supported. DEVO 4, 7, 12E and F12 are not supported at the moment. Some might be supported later, others probably never will be.

Second, give deviation a try without any risks: download the emulator, which is a PC program that mimics the user interface of the real TX, so you can see if you like it at all. You can download it for each TX from the Deviation Releases section of the Downloads menu. Their name start with “deviation-emu_devo…”.

Read the manual

Deviation can be simple to use, but like any sophisticated Radio Control system, there is a learning curve. Do yourself a favor and read the manual. It will ease the transition.

You can read the actual documentation online by clicking on the appropriate User Manual submenu on the left (DEVO 6/8/12, DEVO 7E/10), or you can download it as a PDF (DEVO 6/8/12, DEVO 7E/10).

Install deviation

You can download it for each TX from the Deviation Releases section of the Downloads menu.

There are three type of releases:

  • “Official” releases, like the 5.0.0
    From time to time there is a release, which is tested, and gets a round version number, however they are rare. The last one is 5.0 and was released the 30/04/2016.
  • Nightly Builds
    They are automatic builds, which are built every night when there is some code change. While they are not that thoroughly tested, they may contain fixes for known bugs of the official release and they also add new features too.
  • Test releases
    These releases are made by the individual developers, and contain yet unapproved changes, which need to be tested before they can be merged into the code and appear in the Nightly Builds on the next day. These are often incomplete releases, for example they might not have the filesystem. Usually you need to install the latest Nightly Build before you can try a test build.

Ready to fly (or drive, or sail, or whatever)

If you have successfully installed deviation, you can start using these protocols, supported by the standard in-built RF module:

  • Walkera DEVO
  • Walkera WK2401
  • Walkera WK2601
  • Walkera WK2801
  • DSM2
  • DSMX
  • Nine Eagles J6Pro

You can find ready to use model configs in the forum or in the Wiki for your models, which you can download, and simply copy into your TX through USB, just like you copy to any USB drive.

If you want to control more

In order to have more protocols, you can install additional RF modules into your TX with a simple hardware mod.

You can check which model uses which protocol and RF module on the list of Supported Models.

If you have a question...

…always look for an answer first in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list.

The Tutorials and How-Tos can also be helpful.

If you haven't found an answer for your particular question, just ask away in the Forum. However, when you start a new topic, please select a category appropriate to your question! And only pick one to start with. Creating two threads just makes things confusing, and if it's in the wrong place that can be dealt with later.

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