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Align Trex 250 DFC 3GX using DSM2

This is my model.ini for a Align 250DFC with 3GX and DSM2 Orange satellites.

I've not flown it much as I have found out my ESC is weak but it can hover.

3GX is mounted as per the manual, plugs forward, upside down in the belly behind the rudder servo.

Things to check on your model are:

SWASH MIX values for ELE, AIL and COL

GYRO values - I have a wag which is causing me to need a low gyro gain setting

PIT curves - they are all the same NORM/ST1/ST2/TH

THRO curves - quick ramp up in NORM, shallow 90%V in ST1, 100% in ST2

DR/EXPO and set for ELE & AIL tune to your needs


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