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Blade CX2

This updates my previous posted E-flight Blade CX2 model done on a Devo 10.

After doing some flying on the previous posted model I found it was not getting the full range of motion out of the servos and corrected it. The rest remains the same.

  • Blade instructs you to have the TX on before connecting the battery * Blade instructs you disconnect the battery before powering off the TX. * Blade instructs you must have the throttle and its trim setting at their lowest points when binding

When you load this your throttle trim may already be trimmed at the minimum. If not you will need to do so to bind and you can leave it there to fly. It does fine on mine.

The configurations:

DSM2 Protocol.

No Fixed ID.

Reduced the Channels from 8 to 4.

Reversed the AIL & ELE for proper directions.

Increased the Scale(+) & (-) in AIL & ELE from 100 to 150 to get full servo travel. (You may be able to get more but 150 seems fine)

Reduced the Scale(+) in THR from 150 to 35. If left @ 150 the motor RPMs' maxed out at a little over 1/2 stick. Its now spread out evenly from minimum to maximum stick.

Thanks To All Who Helped Me


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