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Elevon mix help please

I have tried, I just cant get my head around it. I have been using er9x on the old turnigy 9x for a while now and thought I could grip deviation quite easy. I have been through the manual, through the v-tail mix & elevon setup on that post here, but I just cant get it right. That elevon ini file gave me the ele/ail sticks wrong way around - my trying to fix it screwed it up. Below is my current model setup I thought should work, elevator seems to work and stick movement to the left works, but stick movement to the right gets no response on the servos. This is specifically a simple normal elevon 2 servo flying wing setup, I haven't worried for throttle on it just yet that part is easy, I am pretty sure I am doing something classically simple wrong! Please would someone have a look and push me in the right direction. Agrh if I could just get the penny to drop its driving me crazy! expo and dual rates and the rest I can sort, I just cant get the darn elevon working first.


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