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Hisky FBL-70 On Devo 10 / HT8

This is my Hisky FBL-70 fixed pitch configuration for the Devo 10 w/HT8 module. I started with the 4ch w/Dual-Rates template but made a lot of changes.

This flys well for me but as always - test all functions before attempting to fly and use at your own risk.

Channels are:

1. ELE (rev)

2. AIL (rev)

3. THR (rev)

4. RUD (nor)

Throttle hold is active on RUD DR0 - I find it easier to hit quickly that way. Toggle icons indicate TH and D/R status.

This setup uses the FMODE switch as follows, based on my current skill level:

FMODE0 - easy to fly with more responsive regular blades

FMODE1 - easy to fly with bulleted blades

FMODE2 - full rates & no expo, also good for heavier battery

Of course even 100% rates are still much easier to fly than the Hisky FBL-80cp.

Comments and suggestions are totally welcome. I am learning as I go. Easy to make changes to suit your skills. Also check out my FBL-80 config soon.

regards . . . g

edit - I'm not sure why the file was renamed so strangely


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