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KK2 quadcopter settings for Deviation on Devo8s

This is my setup for my KK2 quads, MODE 2. Allows me to have a range of usable modes using just one switch and recover faster when the quads gets out of hand, lining up for stunts and for a safer takeoff/landing by flicking to FMOD0.

Note that stick scaling on the KK2 board should be set to 100 or above for these settings to work for acro flight. Don't go blaming me if you ditch your quad using FMOD2 :P

GEAR switch is to toggle self levelling mode ON when in FMOD1 and FMOD2.

FMOD0: Slow stable flight, switch to this mode to recover quickly if things get messy ;)

AIL/ELEV 50% DR, 20% expo, self levelling ON

FMOD1: Sport flight

AIL/ELEV 75% DR, 20% expo, self levelling OFF

FMOD2: 3D acrobatic flight

AIL/ELEV 100% DR, no expo, self levelling OFF

I also have FMOD2 remotely triggering a green led cluster under the quad to signify 3D mode and MIX controlling red/blue strip leds on the arms but I have removed this from the file to save any confusion as this deviation software is hard enough to get to grips with at first.

Happy flying!!! :)


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