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T-Rex 450 SE V2 with RX601

on request, my T-Rex 450 config


ESC: Kotronic Jazz 40 LV (Governor Mode and Soft Start configured)

Gyro: GY-401

Motor: Stock (3700KV)

RX: RX601

rx channel assignment:

ch1 (ele): rear swashplate servo

ch2 (ail): right swashplate servo

ch3 (thr): esc

ch4 (rud): rudder gyro

ch5 (gear): left swashplate servo

ch6 (aux1): gyro sensitivity

dual rates:

rud dr: 100% & 80%, no expo set

ail dr: 100% & 80%, no expo set

ele dr: 100% & 80%, no expo set

be careful, heli is kind of agile with these settings, add as much expo as you like.


gear: autorotaion and/or panic switch, sets throttle to -100%

fmode0: throttle is bound to the throttle stick, min pitch: -3 degrees, max pitch: +10 degrees

fmode1: throttle 80%, min pitch: -10 degrees, max. pitch: +10 degrees

fmode2: throttle 90%, min pitch: -10 degrees, max. pitch: +10 degrees

you might configure some throttle curves, if your esc is not in govenor mode

gyro sensitivity:

GY401 works in AVCS mode, if sens channel is larger than 0% and in normal mode, if smaller 0%. The sens can be modified by using the trim buttons next to the “mix switch”, the current value is also shown on the main page. A good startpoint is 80-90%.

basic setup procedure (for those people, who don't know how to do):

1. move sticks to neutral postion, all swashplate servo arms should be aligned perfectly horizontally now, if not, correct the position physically, then use subtrim for fine tuning

2. in this position, pitch should be 0 degrees for both blades, if not, correct it physically

3. to set minimum and maximum pitch (i use +/-10 degrees), use min and max settings of the three “swashplate channels” (ele, ail, gear), but always use the same value for min or max on all three channels (be careful here, gear is inversed, so min = max and max = min!!!)

4. you are done, have fun.


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