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Walkera MiniCP for Devo7E


and the next one from me - my third Helicopter (the only CP i have) is a Walkera MiniCP so after upgrading to that OpenSource Software i need to setup this Helicopter.

I found some Setups for Devo8 and Devo10 on this Forum, so i have played around with some Setups and generated from that three Setups for die MicoCP on the Devo7e

On All three Profiles: HOLD to 1 is Engine Stop and FMOD0 is more Smoth then FMOD1

Beginer = Is for beginners, very smooth non aggressiv

Std = Is a Standardsetup, not so aggressiv on FMOD0 on FMOD1 first step to 3D Flight

3D = Is a complete 3D Setup, FMOD0 for Start and Landing and FMOD1 for 3D Flight.

Any Feedback welcome … as i am not able to make 3D Flights at the moment, i can nor really check the 3D Profiles.

Regards Mario




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