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WLToys V686W for Devo 7e

I've got this to work by modifying an existing file for the devo 10, and modified the dual rate setup so that FMODE0 is scaled to 60 with 20 expo and FMOD1 is 80 with 20 expo. Should make it fly a little smoother. Throttle trim is disabled, but pushing the throttle trim button up will toggle video camera on and off. One minor thing I have not isolated is that it sometimes comes on when you bind instead of being in the off state so keep your eye on that if you use the file. I also removed the channels 9 and 10 because they were also assigned to FMOD1 and causing strange things to happen when you switched flight modes in flight.

I am going to attach it here in case anyone else with a devo7e wants to give it a try but please test it carefully and USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, as I am new to this stuff and still learning.

I have only done basic testing on this indoors in hover, but will test it in flight and post the results as soon as the weather permits.


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