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Installing a module into a Devo7e Transmitter

Prepare Devo Transmitter

First Remove the screws from the back of the Devo7e Transmitter



There are 5 screws on the back of the Devo7e. You must rmeove the inlaid grips on the back to expose two of them. You will also need to remove the rubber grips on the sides to separate the two halves. It may be necessary to use a knife to cut through tamper-sticker on the bottom.

Inside the Devo7e:


Module Installation

Follow the table and images on the Module List page to determine the necessary connections for your modules. See the Image below for the relevant connection points on the Devo7e:

Pins MISO, MOSI, and SCK connect to the CYRF6936 Module.

Pins 3.3V(VDD), GND, and CSN connect to the debug header. (you can choose to use the GND pin on the CYRF6936 module instead. Either one will work)

If one module is being installed, CSN should connect to the 'TMS' pin. If two modules are being installed,one module should connect to the 'TMS' pin, and the other to the 'TCK' pin. If the 'Universal Module' is being installed, 'CSN' should connect to the 'TMS' pin, and 'RESET' should connect to the 'TCK' pin


Note: Be aware that all of the pins (other than VDD and GND) are directly connected to the MCU. There is no buffering on these pins. As such you should probably discharge any ESD buildup first (ground yourself and your soldering iron). I didn’t do that myself, but you’ve been warned.

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