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Blade 200 SRX Devo 10 with tamed down flight modes

Guys, I have been working on several triple flight mode ini file for the Devo 10 for all my helis. For the 200 SRX this is basically three scaled mixes within each of the blades flight modes. Aim is to tame the thing right down so guys can fly and learn without drilling it into the deck and can with a flick of a switch up the flight model and at the third level are pretty well at the blade defaults.

For me it was all about getting a tame 3G / unlimited mode setting, but easy enough to use this across all modes.

Servo travel, to rough order 1mm range, and a summary of the complex scalar functions are in the table attached. Basically got it pretty good by eye in terms of judging the incremental travel in each mode. And thanks to Florida Heli for sharing his original tri mode model with complex mixers for the V930 and explaining how it works, has now been weaved into all my flight models with great success.

My trimode ini file, plus the same file with .txt extension, delete the txt extension and all good are attached.

Rudder D/R is throttle hold, Th icons on display, has sticky throttle also so once Th activated, throttle must be returned to 0 to release it.

Panic is on GEAR F / G icons on display (Fly or God help me !)

Scaled flight modes on MIX 0 / 1 / 2 , MO / M1 / M2 icons on the display

FMODE 0 / 1 /2 = Beginner / Stability / Unlimited, F0 / F1 / F2 icons on display

ELEV D/R resets the timer

save the blade.bmp file to the modelico folder in the devo root directory to get the custom icon !

all comments - suggestions welcomed


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