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Model config for MSH Brain/Ikon/Tracx

This is a working model file I use on my Protos 800 w/ MSH Brain. It is meant to show how you can set up bank switching and gov w/ throttle hold and separate throttle cut switch. It is Spektrum DSM* channel order.

To be used as an example only, I recommend using a new model if you are setting up a helicopter.

Ch1 Thr: 3 governed head speeds on flight mode switch, throttle hold on Rudd D/R, throttle cut on Ele D/R. There is no normal mode, all flight modes have full + and - collective.

Ch2 Ail

Ch3 Ele

Ch4 Rud

Ch5 Tail gain: I have this set up to change tail gain for each flight mode (head speed). Also Rate mode and HH mode is switched on the gear switch.

Ch6 Collective pitch

Ch7 Bank (setup) switching: I have this set to only use setup 1 and setup 3, on the Ail D/R switch. But you can easily set it to the 3 position Mix Switch and use all 3.

I don't use self level since there is no momentary switch on my 8s, and with SL on a normal switch it is far too easy to forget it on when taking off (not good).


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