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Walkera Master CP Non - 3D Model (Devo 10)

Keep in mind I have kept this model to resemble the Walkera firmware. Mine is a Devo 10.

There are no 3D settings here that will surprise you with a full throttle if you bump the FMOD switch by accident.

As a beginner and not interested in flying with the Rotors on the bottom I have had my share of accidental WOT sessions.

I configured the Mix Switch to set the Gyro to 3 settings, Position 0 is 82, Position 1 is 75, and Position 2 to 0. The position 2 will disable the Gyro so you can set it up and not have the Gyro effecting you.

I made the ELEV D/R & AILE D/R switches work so I can select from learning EXPO rates of 40 in their 0 positions, and 30 in their 1 positions. The Rudder switch is set for Throttle hold. I have no EXPO configured here for Rudder.

I wanted to have EXPO setting for ELE and AIL available to change on the fly and not effect the FMOD pitch curves and be able to have separate EXPO's for AIL and ELE if I thought one size did not fit all. It turned out I was right because 40 EXPO was too much for me in AIL but not enough in ELE. I have a brushless motor and it would accelerate into a climb at first stick movement to fast for me. So I have my ELEV D/R in Position 0 for 40 EXPO and AILE D/R in Position 1 for 30 EXPO. I think after I learn mopre I will change them to have EXPO setiings for windy days or something.

I have the FMOD switch Positions 0 set to 0 pitch at mid throttle so when I shut down it will not slam to the ground, a Beginners thing. I have the Position 1 set to some negative so I can pull it down in wind, and the 2 position with a little more just in case Position 1 is not enough.

There are no 3D surprises like full throttle if you hit the wrong switch eh?


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