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Walkera QR X350 Pro with Devo 10


since I haven't found a proper model config for my new X350 Pro, I made my own based on the channel values of the stock firmware Devo 10 which was shipped in the RTF paket of my X350 Pro.

I found out the following values to be perfectly working with IOC and Position Hold/RTH:

Update 2014-08-05: added AILE switch for access to all 6 APM Channels:

Channel 5:

-AILE Set to 0-

MIX0: Manual flight mode / Stabilize (-100, APM Flight Mode 1)

MIX1: Hold Position / Loiter (0, APM Flight Mode 4)

MIX2: Return To Home / RTL (100, APM Flight Mode 6)

-AILE Set to 1-

MIX0: Default: Stabilize, I configured Auto mode to this (-53, APM Flight Mode 2)

MIX1: Default: Stabilize (-20, APM Flight Mode 3)

MIX2: Default: Stabilize (45, APM Flight Mode 5)

Channel 7:

FMOD0: IOC off (-100)

FMOD1: IOC on (0)

FMOD2: IOC on (100)

The other channels all use simple curves, propably there is room for improvement there if you like.

All special function are working perfectly for me, but don't blame me if your X350 Pro crashes or flies away.

I'd be happy to hear some feedback!

Simply replace an existing ini in your model folder of your Devo with the one I attached.

First model:


Updated 2014-08-05 APM all Flight Mode Support:


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