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v911 throttle curve question

Hey guys, I debated what sub-forum to put this question in and ended up here, dont know if it's best but dont really know what my question fits…

I have been using (and modifying to taste) a v911 config file I found here, I'm very sorry but I do not recall who originally made / shared it to give credit to. Again I'm not at all claiming it's mine, all I've done is make some changes to fit my needs, the setup work initially goes to whoever it rightfully belongs to (a member here). Even with the mods I'm making it's a hell of a starting place and I'm more than thankful to have found it (and all the other files I've used from here).

I have been looking for how to adjust the throttle curve but only found detailed instructions for FBL mixing, infact one tutorial starts out by claiming 4-ch fly bar FP mixing is the hardest to do!

The problem I'm trying to correct is that I dont have a very good throttle response on the low end, from -100 to -88 or -87 it's dead, then all the sudden it spins up (fast enough to torque around some), same when throttling down (not that it's as important, but still annoying that it's not correct). On throttle up it's so noticeable it's more like applying 10-15% throttle with the hold switch off then flipping it on vs. starting at 0% and slowly increasing.

That's the most noticeable time I can describe but overall I feel like my particular heli could benefit from a different curve in general, not that the curve in the file is bad in any way, just that it doesnt fit my particular model (and it's mods) and my flying style.


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