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Isn't that a complex aux channel where you'd set 3 mixers..

page 01 (eg: sw H0) mux=replace fixed scale= -100 src=none
page 02 (eg:sw H1) mux=replace fixed scale=100 src=none
page 03 (eg:sw G0) mux=replace fixed scale= -100 src=none

If I'm not mistaken.. this way, to have this aus channel to go to 100 you must have SW H up and SW G0 up (not down) as well... but this would not work if sw g0 was momentary... and.. I would never use this for arming because now I've got 2 switches that accidentally allow disarming..
I'd be surprised if there wasn't a way to do it though..

But maybe I'm misreading your question. ;-)

Let us know if the ag01minis work!! (but maybe not in the elrs subthread.. )
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